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 catchment filter

Aqualine tanks provide a flat surface of 160mm width at the top and bottom of each tank wall.  This provides a more positive surface on which to tighten fittings such as overflows, taps, fire outlets etc. compared to an irregular surface such as ribbed or corrugated.

Our accessories include:

– Larger outlet and overflow fittings up to 250 mm for increased volumeideally suited for fire fighting tanks

– bolt cover fascias as standard on all our tanks

– leaf and debris catchment filter two piece with sunguard

– internal and external hot dipped galvanised ladder and bracket which can be removed for safety

– heavy duty hinged access hatch 500x 500mm wide which can be locked

– high quality 50mm chrome plated ball valves are standard on all our tanks

– rain saver roof water collection system

– 100mm cast zinc overflow fittings

– Presstite dust and vermin protection. Presstite is a flexible polyurethane foam sealing strip.

– three types of water level indicators

– Storz fire connection